Teas, Incense & Bath Salts

Jessica May has a keen love for nature, which there's plenty of in the Cotswolds where she lives. Hubble Bubble Brews is her new brand where she brings you Teas, Incense & Bath Salts, all using flowers & herbs to increase your wellness. 

To every illness, there is a cure in nature to heal and boost vitality. For centuries, before big pharma, herbs and flower remedies were used to heal the sick, with positive results. 

Jessica originally was making tea for family friends, though through word of mouth, she has had demand to get them out to the public. Especially as her teas have helped people through the pandemic, either calming anxiety or her knowledge of natural remedies for curing cold & flu.

Nature holds the key to wellness. From walking in the woods, to using in tonics, Mother Nature brings out the best in all of us.

These magickal blends are known old wives tales, bonnie brews & spells of witches from times gone by.

Hubble Bubble Brews are food hygine approved. 

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