Gratitude For Your Attitude



Journal For Counting Your Blessings & Wellness

Release Date 02.02.2022

This journal will become like a best friend to you as you learn how get the most from your life.

Life has a habit of not always going the way we thought it would, which means we can get caught up in the dramas & not see our blessings clearly enough.

Jessica May is a firm believer in working with the Universe & showing gratitude for everything. Yes EVERYTHING! Even negative situations can have positive outcomes. The key to manifesting our desires is to always be thankful and grateful for what the universe brings us.

Being on a spiritual path can be life changing as you learn more about yourself. For many, spirituality can mean finding God, though Jessica likes to think it is also about finding the light within yourself that connects you to the Divine source. When you find the light within yourself, it is easier to find it in others & situations in life.

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A 44 Deck of Cards For Twin Flame Communication ~ Created By Jessica May

The twin flame journey is not for the faint hearted. Sacred Partners often look for messages confirming the thoughts & feelings of their beloved.
This is a deck of 44 channelled messages from the Divine Masculine 5D energies. Many of these messages have come through in readings with Jessica May.
"My aim with these cards were to make them feel personal & comforting to those who own them, but also to bring healing & understand for the twin flame journey. Some cards have deep messages to them, which really do seem to hit the nail on the head with what is being intuitively felt at the time of shuffling.
The White rose represents how pure this connection truly is. The black & white theme reminds us of balance, ying & yang, our light side & shadows"