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22222 Portal Day

Happy 22222 Day!

If you are empathic you may be able to feel and sense that fresh energy surrounding us today. There are high vibrations and frequencies surrounding the planet at present, with every second or minute allowing us to manifest our desires. Some of you may actually be experiencing headaches, backache, earache or eyesight issues today. (Upgrading of senses & Chakras) The earache is coming from the fact that our ears are picking up on the frequencies that are around us today.

There is much to learn about our past. The past holds the key for us to unlock our futures. Maybe there are things we hold onto, karmic attachments from lifetimes ago, perhaps even the need to understand our souls deeper. Once upon a time on Earth magick was real. It was not a myth or legend. Atlantis, Egypt, these kingdoms and realms enchanted the world and still do. Merlin & King Arthur times brought us stories about finding belief in ourselves to change the world for the better. This portal today combines all this ancient knowledge into one power. All we have to do is tune into it.

Our sacred partners await. The time is now to unite. 2022 is the year of union for all humanity. Do not be afraid to open up to your Divine Counterpart. Many people will feel the need to reach out and communicate, despite long or ongoing separations. I reached out to mine over the weekend, even though I know he may never wish to reopen the line of communication with me, I am being authentic to myself. I am not in need of love, nor am I waiting around for it. I am just enjoying being myself, knowing that I am able to feel love at any time I choose by acknowledging him & the Universe. I have been receiving messages from his soul about our past lives and it's so interesting. One of our lifetimes was based in Ancient Egypt, where our powers were recognised by the people, another was in Pompeii where he was a teacher and we lived humbly until that fateful day of the volcanic eruption. (Though if he knew truly who he was, then the once and future King would rise again. He is the soul we all await to awaken.) I am being shown all of this so that I can heal from the wounds in those lifetimes. It is possible to bring forwards the pain and suffering into each new life, unless we work through this, it may cause karmic cycles to repeat. These cycles may include drama in the workplace, family rifts, relationship issues, commitment issues or depression that cannot be overcome.

I am not sure if my Sacred Person understands his importance here on Earth yet, or that he is a soul valued beyond measure by the cosmos itself. All I know is I look back on times where we first started getting to know one another and smile still. When I close my eyes I feel his energy and I feel safe. He gave me up. It is not for me to run after him, he now knows where I am. Maybe one day he'll open the door to me again. In the meantime I am a Divine Feminine and am not here to wallow. I am here to impact the Earth, to assist and heal others with or without him. Love is what we think we all need, like it is a thing you can own or hold. For me, love is something I feel within, I am lucky to embody it without the requirement of a physical person to give me that emotion. My sacred person opened my heart, I am free to now be me. But I am also in the space for his return.

Today is the day to be open to receive. Meditate with crystals if you can, ideally with Lemurian quartz or Lapis Lazuli. There are ancient teachings to relearn. Now it's time for all the Lemurian codes to be discovered.

We call upon the great Divine for wisdom and power within; to transform our lives now for the highest good of the Earth. We let go of expectation and embrace our souls for who we are, for we are ready for renewal & for our abundances to arrive in all forms of love & light!!

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