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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

I have just come back from a much needed family holiday in Devon. It was just like going back in time, no face masks, no medical stigma, no social distancing, just normality and humane behaviour. It can actually be quite an isolating feeling when people dodge around you, fearful of catching the Rona. Everyone has become so scared of death that they have forgotten to live.

Being near the sea is something that I absolutely love. Breathing in that fresh salty air, hearing the seagulls and smelling those fresh fish and chips! I would be quite happy to sit on the promenade and watch the world pass by every day, providing the sun is out of course. (Though I quite enjoyed sitting at the harbour bars with a cider!) A change of scenery, after a long year at home, done us all the world of good and allowed for us to just have fun, plus the weather was amazing. There's always a sense of freedom by the sea, something none of us have really experienced much since the beginning of 2020.

As we head towards September, we need to keep in mind that things are going to change again soon. More divide will be pushed onto the population as the Governments ramp up their agenda. Whilst many still do not want to believe that we are in danger of losing everything, the reality is that we already have began the process of removing our rights. More employers are enforcing the jab on their employees, threatening dismissal for non-compliance. If this does happen to you, let your employer terminate your contract and then take them to tribunal for an unfair dismissal. They cannot update your contract without your permission or signature, so you would be in a great position to win a claim against them. The other option would be that you have a legal letter drawn up by your solicitor, where it states that your employer will take full responsibility should you have any adverse reactions, or long term illnesses due to the jab. Once they sign the letter, this means that you are then in a position to sue them for damages to health if you do experience any reaction. No one has the right to tell you what you must put into your body, especially as it is not yet law to have the jab, so stand firm if you do not wish to be part of the trial. Take nurses as a prime example, last years heroes, this years unemployed. Choice is something we all have a right to and something we must continue to fight for.

We are also seeing far too much coercion at the moment, with the focus on youngsters. For example, placing jab & go tents at festivals, stopping holidays abroad, threatening prevention to enter night clubs or not being allowed to attend further education. It is sickening that this is being pushed onto the younger generations like this. Most worryingly, it is being said that children, as they return to school, do not need to ask permission from their parents and that they can give consent to being jabbed. Surely this is encouraging other things as well? Lowering the consenting age should be ringing alarm bells for everyone. With slogans like Kebab for a jab, it just proves that this is not about health and wellness, just about pure dominance. Why not offer a free 1 month gym pass, or a healthy food box? Oh yes. Because kids are encouraged to see healthy options as boring and a takeaway as fun and acceptable. Next thing the Government will be reporting that teenagers are obese and fat shaming.

For those of us awake, we just have to sit tight whilst the next few months unfold. The next big agenda to be pushed on us will be climate change. What we have to remember here is that the world does naturally heat up and cool down by itself, hence the planet having an ice age millions of years ago. Yes as humans, we pollute the planet which does not help matters, but the global warming we are being shown is currently a result of weather manipulation. A project called HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), created by the U.S military as a research project, where electromagnetic frequencies are pulsed as energy beams to "temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere." We have seen already that NASA can create their own clouds, so it would be fair to say that this world could well be the Truman Show. Not forgetting the chemtrails as well. HAARP has the ability to create tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Ice caps are melting, but what if it has deliberately been done through this method? On a spiritual level, we can look at this all differently again. Water levels rising means Gaia is preparing to cleanse herself of the filth on this planet. Rising heat levels would mean the same, for fire is also a cleanser. The Ice caps melting may well have something to do with the raising of vibrations and frequencies on the planet as more people awaken. We have heard of Atlantis, a city so lost it became a myth. Atlantis has never truly vanished, it is just hidden, being protected. The secret of our ancestors lay within the depths of Antarctica, though these secrets may not come to light just yet, the thawing of the ice is showing us that they are preparing to make themselves known.

We are living in a time where the truth seems so far fetched that it is deemed a lie. How do we not know that the Afghanistan issue at present isn't a paid for stunt by the Governments in order to bring in digital I.D. more quickly? We don't because lets face it, no Government would admit to that, yet they all pay into organisations that bring wars to certain countries. Everything is connected. This is just too 3rd dimensional. Corruption and manipulations must be something we start to leave in the past. I could write so much on these agendas and the media lies surrounding them, though truth is no one is really that bothered and I am the one looking as though I am deep down rabbit holes siding with conspiracy theorists.

I was told I was being extreme for wanting more natural foods or products in my life, which to me says it all. Poison is considered normal and natural is laughed at. The information I work with does not come from news reports, shared videos or telegram groups. I receive messages from the planet by connecting into her energy and channeling messages through. I do not always know what things are when they are shown to me, for example I had no idea what I was being shown when I saw weather machines in a meditation. I kept hearing a harp playing too. Not everything is a straight forward message, I had to look up weather controls and harp together, to understand the message coming through.

When I connect to spirit, they give me the same message over and over- unity. In our hearts and souls we can tell something does not feel right. We may often pick up on the emotions of others through our empathic gifts. We can find connections within ourselves that link in with the elements of Earth, like my connection to the sea whilst on holiday and that feeling of being reviatalised by the beautiful scenery. If we can link in with Earth, then we can do the same with each other. As humans we depend on not just each other to survive, but the connection to the planet too.

As you can probably tell from my blogs, I get frustrated by the way the world is owned and dominated by the worlds most evil characters. Being awake can be a curse in itself because you see through everything and then it feels like reality is a joke. Headlines like "Man dies from Rona. Things could have been a lot worse for him had he not double jabbed." Then the fact actors get into a hospital bed and pretend to have the virus just for more fear reporting from the news. (There's even job adverts for this online!) As a psychic, I have to try and remain grounded. I know that one day everything will be revealed, for the truth has a habit of exposing itself eventually. It is not for me to get involved, I get that. However, it is so heartbreaking seeing so much destruction. It's like you're screaming with all your energy and power, yet no sound is coming out. No one wants to hear the truth, it's not fluffy. I have had family members say I am negative, yet I am in my truth. I recognise that my truth is not everyone else's, though this can leave me to feel quite lonely and isolated. I will listen to others and respect their views, though I am certain in my truth, as they are in theirs. Something that we are all brought together by is love. It is important to find compassion in your heart, to put love out there into the world, for the law of unconditional love is absolute.

Nature has laws that it follows without expectation, such as the tide, flowers growing or the star constellation in the sky. It is nature's loyalty to the laws that gives the Earth the order it needs to support life within it. Therefore we should not have rules that segregates anyone for their own personal beliefs. We all have our reasons for what we believe in, though this should not mean that we turn our backs on each other. Fair enough if someone is bullying, or completely disrespecting you, then yes walk away from them, but in general we should be supporting each other more because sooner or later we are going to need each other big time.

Make it your ritual each day to breathe in positivity and to give out a thought of love to the planet. If you have ever felt love in your heart, something so strong that whenever you see that person, or think of them, your tummy flutters with joy. Remember that emotion, that feeling and hold onto it. Then allow yourself to receive that unconditional love from yourself. If you can give that love to another, you can give it back to yourself too. It took me a long time to let that kind of love go. (If I am honest, I will most likely love that man until the day I die.) I wanted to hold onto what I felt for them because I felt alive. He made me smile and my heart flutter, made me feel complete. In his company I felt so uplifted. (When you know you know!) Though he didn't ever feel the same way, I personally think he thought I was stupid or just a laugh. He removed himself from my life in 2018 by asking me to never contact him again. (That pain kicks you to the floor)

After a while I began to think why should I let such a love go? If I can feel something as powerful as unconditional love, then why can I not give that love back to myself? I done just that. No love energy was wasted and my wellbeing improved massively. We never forget that one person, life just takes you on a new path where you are allowed to cherish memories, but also create new ones when you are ready. He's moved on with his life, forgotten who I am, now in a new relationship with someone who I pray fills his life with joy.

Unity for me used to involve him, now my union is about inner union- self worth and self acceptance.

It is easy to get upset and feel unworthy of love or happiness when someone you'd give the world to denies you. This is my wake up call to honour my soul. I have closed my heart off to find love from another because I just do not feel I can give the remainder of my heart to anyone else. That is most likely just me protecting my heart, however it is also a great springboard for me to heal and find comfort in knowing that my worth is not a reflection of how he or anyone else views me.

Lockdown life has impacted myself and many other people greatly. That lack of motivation, not being bothered to dress up when going out, feeling unsociable, etc, is all where we do need to look within more and find unity with ourselves. Everything just seems effort and wasted energy, but loving ourselves, each other and the planet will never be wasted energy. So lets keep a positive and focused mindset. Life is short and in any given moment it can change dramatically or end abruptly. Cherish every breathing minute. You deserve to.

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