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Life After Death

As a psychic medium, one question I get asked a lot is "what happens after we die?" For many people this can be quite a morbid topic, though it is the one thing that can be accurately predicted- we are all going to die one day.

Before we are sent to Earth to incarnate, we choose our lessons that will enable our soul to ascend. We understand that there may well be hardships and things that go against love or kindness; our journeys are all individual and unique. It is thought that the soul does not actually enter the body until the umbilical cord is cut, however I'm not sure that is what I believe as It has been documented that some children can remember being in the womb. The thing is with this topic, no one actually knows for sure what happens with the soul before birth, let alone after death. It is all personal feeling and belief, therefore this post is my own personal opinion, so if it resonates with you then great!

Prior to the whole world closing down, I was regularly touring around the South West & Midlands area to give live demonstrations of mediumship. I always get anxious before going out in front of an audience as it is so nerve wracking. The pressure to deliver accurate evidence and messages to people is a massive responsibility, not just to spirit, but to those that have come for a glimmer of hope that their loved ones are safe or are communicating. (For anyone not believing of what I do, just know that I couldn't be bothered with travelling or meeting people, if I wasn't psychic, when I can be quite a hermit and dislike leaving my house to go even clothes shopping!) When you come to watch me at one of these demos, I will explain how I work, that it is like a game of guess who. I will fully describe the soul who is coming through and maybe even take on their mannerisms. The audience will then interact, to confirm if this is their family member, after which I will continue to deliver the message from their loved one. Sometimes guides come through too with important information, which is great for a spiritual person to receive, for anyone else this could seem confusing as not everyone knows who their guides are.

There are times when a spirit energy is not taken by the audience member during the demo, but then this is when said member of the audience has been too shy to speak up in front of others. They will normally speak to me at the end of the night in confidence and say that it was for them.

Often when spirit come through, they will first show me how they looked when they passed over and may even give me sensations they experienced such as breathing difficulties, what they saw, smells, time of year etc. Then they will show me how they look now, which sometimes is as a white whisp of light, or it can be that they choose to look an age where they were fit and happy.

Spirit are around us all the time, you do not always have to be psychic to see them. A spirit is an energy form, therefore can take on any shape and can appear to anyone. Ghosts are simply this- energy. They can appear anytime as residual energy which can replay on certain dates, times or if someone in particular needs to see them. There are no rules to what the Universe can or cannot do, after all, the soul is active on many dimensional planes, not just Earth and not just at this time in history. In theory, life is eternal because we experience life forms from one dimension to another, perhaps even at the same time.

Having worked in the Prison Service, I was fortunate to work in HMP Gloucester before it was closed. Many strange things would occur that could not be explained, things that even staff members who were skeptical had a hard time to dismiss. For example, shadows could be seen walking across the yard at night via CCTV when no one was about. Heavy footsteps could be heard on the landings early hours of the morning when everyone was locked up. An apparition of legs dressed in navy prison uniform was seen various times. Prisoners were witnessed crying in what was known as 'the condemned man cells' because they felt they were being watched. Places like prisons hold an age of energy and many trapped entities. An entity is a more intelligent form of energy and can interact with the living. They can find it hard to move on if they feel undeserving of the divine light, or they may not wish to leave the place if something unfortunate happened- some seek truth, or to be heard in order to move on.

When the soul passes back to spirit, time disappears. Time is manmade and so does not exist in the Universe. With this in mind, time between each lifetime cannot be measured.

Souls who die of illness, such as cancer, will find themselves in the healing halls. This has been shown to me as a space with beautiful stain glass windows and beds that look almost like a cocoon. The soul will reside here until nursed back to full vitality. Going through traumatic passing, illness or leaving the body suddenly may result in a fair bit of time here. The victim souls of crime, such as murder, will wait until the soul of the perpetrator passes over. It is here that the life lesson is reflected upon and forgiveness is required. It is also asked if there is remorse. We are not all old souls, some are new and some hold some very dense, dark energies that may take lifetimes to unlearn. This may more commonly be known as Karma. Each lifetime sees karma play out, good or bad.

Regardless of how a soul passes, it takes time for them to adjust in the spirit realm. There are many dimensions, however, the soul's energy tends to reside on the 4th dimension. (Of course we can ascend higher, but our human form comes here.)

Many people want their loved one to come through immediately after death, understandable when you lose someone you love, however it is not always possible for the spirit to come through. There could be many reasons, such as they're still healing from their passing, it may also be that they cannot match the energy vibration of the Medium, or it is just not the right time for them. Saying this, I have had a spirit come through one day after their soul passed over. The evidence and message they came through with was extremely strong. I have also connected with people in comas and delivered messages to loved ones. Whilst in a coma the soul can astral travel and visit many different dimensions- much like when you are asleep and experience some crazy dreams, only to wake feeling totally exhausted as if you have been somewhere.

It is possible to meditate and meet with loved ones in the divine lands, which I have done various times. I can only compare it to the end of the film 'Knowing' where the children are running free in some sort of meadow. Other times we have met in places like a sacred Garden, where there are plants that I have never seen in this world, colours that are stunning and unusual. Whilst it could be argued that this all within the mind, as well as what we want to see, the fact that I personally have received useful knowledge and wisdom from loved ones and guides, I have to say that actually this appears to be more than the mind speaking. I could agree on it being a higher consciousness altogether, therefore being actual messages from the higher aspect of ourselves.

What does amaze me, is that those who have not ever had a reading before, may actually have not done so through the fear of what may be said. I have had people say "I'm scared you'll tell me I'm going to die soon." Whilst this could be picked up in a reading, it is highly unlikely spirit would bring this through. It is not good practice for a medium to bring this up in a reading anyway. I have had the Angel of Death visit me during a reading, warning that someone close to the client will pass over soon, though it is not my place to relay this. I don't think I would be comfortable in passing this message on. I might get a warning from spirit to pass onto the recipient, though I do think that when it is your time to leave this world there is not really anything we can do to change this. Near misses tend to occur so that we learn to appreciate life.

I myself do not fear death, more how it will happen I guess. Spirit have not shown me when I will pass over, although last Christmas I felt that I would not see Christmas 2021. This feeling is either because something will happen to me between now and then, or that death in this case may just mean a life transformation. It could well be that the remainder of 2021 sees us change life dramatically again. The energy that we entered this year with was actually very dense and so it is unsurprising that we have experienced some low moments so far. This is a 5 year (2+0+2+1=5) which means conflict, battles and the need for change or transformation.

If you did know your death date would you do everything you ever wanted in order to experience life at it's fullest? Seek forgiveness? Live in fear? It is for these reasons that it is good to not know. We have to live in the moment and experience each day as it comes. Maybe even live each day as our last. Worrying for tomorrow or for the unknown is not good for our wellbeing.

What I do know is, life is a gift which we should not take for granted ever. There is mystery, magick, wonder and beauty all around us. Whenever you are faced with darkness, be the light. Yes, not everyone in this world are as fortunate as others, but everyone is able to experience love. This could be love of nature, love of an animal, a place or person. Unconditional love is the energy of the universe, which resides within all on this planet via their soul. We just have to look within to find it within

another. The Kingdom of Heaven is this light within us that shines when it experiences unconditional love.

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