• Jessica May

Can 2021 Be Our Year Still?

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

As we entered into the new year, many people assumed that the chaos of 2020 would be far behind us and a distant memory. This sadly was not the case and here, in the UK, we found ourselves back in a lock down, that so far seems to be a lot more tougher, mentally, than before. One thing I have been asked a lot this month is "will this ever go away?" My answer is anything can- if you have the right mind set.

Last March I was introduced to a book called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I was promised that it would be a game changer for me. At first I was skeptical (yes me, the spiritualist!) that this book could be the key to my future, I mean surely it was just a book with someone placing their own interpretations about the law of attraction? I was so wrong! That book transformed my life within the 28 days that it stated. I would say that by Day 3 I noticed little things occurring that were clearly not a coincidence. Being self-employed meant that 2020 could of been so tough for me. I was worried about my income and how I would pay my bills. So the book came at the right time! I began to receive so much abundance and my mind was full of positivity, there was literally no space for a negative thought & should one creep in, I assessed it and transformed it.

We all have magic within us, though due to our ever developing world of technology we are long forgetting these powers we possess. Is it too hard to believe that we can control the world around us with our mindset, such as the weather? Or to have telepathic communication with another human, even animal? I firmly believe that we can control time and Quantum leap. When we dream we can often dream of future events, even past lives. Our mind is a constant reminder that as we sleep we can travel to any destination, any time, any realm we so wish just by being still. The power & secret of life lies within us all. No one can ever truly imprison a mind, it's our one place of pure freedom to view memories or to dream.

Looking outwards at the world right now, it is not a pleasant picture. We have communities and families divided in opinions massively & chaos amongst political leaders. The media have delivered us a show, one that is about constant death, fear & restraints. Who are we to even think that we can achieve anything but waking up in lock down and go to work via zoom? My advice, switch it all off! Turn off the news, stop reading news story, come off of social media & tap into that inner magic & power. The moment you change your focus is the moment life changes for you. Look inwards at that beautiful soul & your dear inner child. Bring out your creative spark and design the world you would like to be looking out at. Create a vision board, write and set intentions. Meditate to bring balance into your life. Exercise and eat healthier to focus on your wellbeing or mental clarity. Explore the nature around you, taking note of the sky, land, trees & animals. Most importantly honour every single feeling within you, even the sad ones. Face those shadows within, the fears that hold you back from achieving those goals and aim for your dreams. Nothing is ever out of reach.

When we tap into our souls, our being recognises the desire to be authentic. We start to remember things from lifetimes gone by and we see the world from a new perspective. This is known as spiritual awakening or ascension & it is just the beginning of your spiritual journey to learn more. Who needs technology when you are part of the dust that the Universe itself created. You are part of something far more deeper than just being a human.

2021 can absolutely be your year, if you so choose it to be.

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