• Jessica May

Short But Sweet

Finally, the last day of 2021. This is the day where we all look back on the year and reflect on the highs and lows, what we have learned and also take a deep breath as we head into another year. 2022 is high vibrational for many reasons, one being its a 222 year and breaking down into numerology gives us a 6. 6 is the number of creation, spiritual awakenings and transformations. Lots of good things are ahead, but we do have to clear our emotional baggage from the past few years.

I want to keep this blog short, despite there being so much I could talk about and what has been experienced over the past months, spiritually and physically. It is just so draining to point out the obvious when no one else can see it.

Do I have predictions for the year ahead? Yes I actually do, though with timelines continually changing, it is harder to see what is coming, but for entertainment purposes this is what I have so far:

  • January begins calm, but towards the full moon on 17th, things begin to get more full on. Finances begin to get discussed more in parliament due to wanting to reset the way we use money.

  • I feel that in February we get some Royal news that shocks the country. I am unsure if linked but the date I get is Feb 26th. This date stands out to me.

  • Throughout 2022 more people will look towards alternative eating, living and medications.

  • Throughout the year many people will meet their soulmates or unite with long lost loves.

  • Talk on aliens will crop up more and more, perhaps insight into project Blue Beam. But what we have to remember is that the project is fake and set to scare humanity into more control. 2020 and 2021 were tests to see how much we comply.

  • A tidal wave or severe 'act of God' will take place. The devastation will impact everyone globally and will also contribute to sealing financial plans.

  • A new way to communicate is created. The company creating this platform will overtake facebook.

  • Plans to sell off the NHS completely come to light around April time, though this will be brushed under the carpet.

  • More powercuts will occur.

  • Humanity begin to unite more as truths come to light.

  • Evidence comes to light on a well known unsolved case.

  • Many people will begin to experience ascension, which will include high pitched sounds being heard.

  • A discovery that changes history is unearthed, this feels linked to Dinosaurs or something quite ancient.

  • October will bring some big transformations to people lives.

  • Antarctica becomes of interest to many.

  • A fire destroys a place that holds important documents and yet reveals a big secret.

I will be back in 2022 with new courses and workshops that bring a focus to wellness. The first course of the year will start Feb 6th and is an 8 week Spiritual and Psychic development course.

I wish you all a blessed New Year 2022. Stay positive and focus on finding wellness and peace within. We have a high vibrational year ahead, look after yourselves and you will succeed.

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