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Often it is assumed that spiritual people should be all love & light, fluffy & compassionate, as well as always being able to see the good in everyone & able to live peacefully. This may well be an ideal way to live, however, we live in a world with far too much density to be able to live so perfect.

Many psychic, spiritual souls, experience a lot of hardship throughout their life. For me it was domestic violence. I know many enlightened souls who have also experienced abuse, toxic relationships, family dramas etc. From this I have learnt that the darkness will always be attracted to the light like a moth to a flame. I have asked many times why someone full of such love should experience something so hideous. My conclusion to that question, is that those of us who are here to spiritually awaken, will usually face something difficult in order to better understand humanity & to undo many Karmic attachments from their soul's path. I have had many clients come to me for readings & reiki who have experienced similar in life to me. Using my experiences, I can truly emphasize with the client & assist them in finding the right help. My mind is more open to the darkness & dangers in the world.

Karma is something that happens to us all. Even the best of people face it. Our souls have lived many different lifetimes, even now you are conscious on many different dimensional planes. It may be that in a past life you inflicted pain on another soul, but then the Karma is repaid in this life by the other soul inflicting a similar pain towards you. This would also be relevant for those who continue to spiral out of control, living a life that continues to repeat the same cycle. Unless we recognise these cycles & deal with them, then we will forever continue to cycle the same experiences and situations. For me personally, I'd want to stop cycling around & around, instead spiral through life.

As a teacher of soul connecting, which is learning about yourself by connecting to your soul, the first thing I say to my students is that to get the most from your life, you must first learn to spiral inwards to your soul. This enables you to learn about who you are, your strengths, weaknesses, what you want from life, directions to head in next. You also recognise the patterns around you that hold you back from moving your life forwards. When this is learnt, we then spiral outwards, projecting our glow out into the world for others to follow suit. That glow is the universal energy of love, the light that is the kingdom of heaven & it is within us all. Those who do this soul work really do find more contentment in the world around them. They are able to manifest and use the law of attraction to their advantage because they believe they are deserving of what they wish to bring into their lives.

Changing circumstances in your life will trigger people. This is where the spiritual life can lose it's sparkle. People struggle to deal with change, more importantly those stuck in their karmic cycles really cannot cope to see you change. It's a massive trigger that is often the cause of jealousy, this is simply because when others see you work on yourself it makes them feel insecure, like they're missing out or unable to work on themselves. I have seen this a lot in the spiritual community, which may shock many! Those working from ego really struggle to see other light workers shine or get some limelight. They spread rumours or send out negative thoughts, aka a psychic attack, to that person who has triggered them. I have always been baffled as to how they actually work, because what if they picked up in a reading that their client was going to marry the person of their dreams & live happily ever after, would they then tell them that actually no this wouldn't ever happen because they themselves are not happy? Yes they would! These are the readers who influence their clients through their own ego, not with honesty of their soul. It is not the psychic's job to ever make a decision for the client, or to influence them into a choice, because we shouldn't have that sort of control over anyone. Unless it is a volatile situation the client is in, in which case I'd like to think the reader becomes more of a listener and stops the reading to offer personal assistance- rather than that of the energy of the cards. Psychic's working in truth should not be giving fluffy readings that encourage a poor karmic cycle to continue, for example in relationships. "I know he is the one, will we be together eventually?" "Yes he is keep waiting." UMMM! "You need to look at why this relationship isn't happening, spend time learning about yourself and know that if he cannot see the beauty within you, then you are giving him too much energy. Cut the cord and you will see movement in the whole of your life." It's actually very true, when you cut a cord like that, a weight gets lifted off your shoulders and life moves forwards. If this relationship is meant to be then eventually the universe will bring it to you, but it doesn't mean wait!

As a spiritual person myself, I know people expect me to be gentle and warm. Whilst I am, this doesn't mean that I will just roll over and take bad behaviour from people. I will call them out on it. I'm quite softly spoken, so many make the assumption that they can push their behaviours onto me. I fully get why they think that of me, though when they ask me what I used to do for a living and I tell them that I was a prison officer working with the worst criminals in the UK, their jaws drop & they tell me they couldn't see me doing that job. In an environment like a prison you learn a lot about human behaviour, naturally seeing offenders who have repeated the same mistakes and unable to break the cycles life has given them. But then also staff teach you a lot too, like only you have your own back. You're a number on an epaulette, not a human with feelings.

I have seen people shocked when I stand up for myself, or get angry. To be fair it takes a lot for me to get angry, I tend to go through stress first- a cycle I'm learning to stop. Road rage can & does happen still! I will also speak the truth, which people will struggle to deal with. Just because I work with the light, does not mean I am prepared to accept negative behaviour or abuse from anyone. I think it's healthy to have barriers and to ensure that others see the error of their ways. None of us are perfect, except maybe Tom Hardy...

I absolutely love what I do for a living now, I find so much freedom in my work. I get so many beautiful messages from clients and those I have worked with, but I wouldn't be ok with that if I had allowed them to continue on their cycles. I showed them a way forward, taught them about their soul, but left them the tools to maneuver their life path themselves. We are the creators of our future after all.

If you are trying to be spiritual, please do not get caught up in trying to be perfect. Instead, work with your soul and embrace the person you are. Stop accepting negative behaviour from others. This goes for your career too. If you are unhappy in your job, change. Even if you take a lesser paid job, but it is doing what you love, your wellbeing must come first. You never know, one day you may become a manager of that company or set up your own company. Let go of the relationships that deplete your energy & those who do not value your time. Stop giving people leeway just because you feel you have to be spiritual about it. Spirituality is also about energy, so by allowing, or giving, someone that much power over you, you are not protecting your own power. They are draining you. It's perfectly fine to say NO if it preserves your wellbeing and energy. Never feel bad for being real.

The world does need love, compassion and understanding. Though it first needs to change it's whole attitude about what is believed to be acceptable behaviour, sadly that will only change when our corrupt Governments are no longer influencing what we do with our lives. When sacred places are free to everyone. When we take climate change seriously. When we learn that unity of humanity is key to our survival. When children are listened to and not dismissed. When animals are loved as much as we love another human. Depopulation is not required for that, just the overthrowing of corruption.

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