• Jessica May

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

I fully understand how many people could assume that what I do for a living is not living in reality, or shouldn't be viewed as actual work. I would be rather foolish to think that everyone on the planet could be open minded enough to not presume that their truth is the only truth.

For me, this gift I have is something I have lived with my whole life. As a child I would have to sleep with the light on because I would see white whisps, shaped as people, move through the air. I also saw colours around horses & heard them speak, though people believed I was just horse mad and this was why. During my teens I was giving psychic messages to teachers in school, one teacher went so pale and we barely spoke again as she struggled to understand how I knew she had just applied to another school during her lunch break. She hadn't even told our head teacher. As an adult in my 20s I began suppressing my gift, mostly because I saw the way people objected to anyone being different, but also because I was fully in party mode and had moved to Magaluf as holiday rep. It wasn't until my late 20s that I began developing this gift and understanding why I had it.

4 years ago, my life hit rock bottom when I lost my job. I saw it coming for a while, though the problem as an intuitive, is that you often struggle to trust your own instincts. Though maybe it was a case that what I saw was that bad, I didn't want to face the truth. As everything was happening to me, I lived the reality. I was in shock, despair & feeling as though giving up living would be a great idea as I was now completely worthless. I think suicidal thoughts find most people in their troubling times. I never acted on it, I just hoped I'd stop breathing. Somehow I eventually got up off the floor, wiped my tears and found myself turning my life around.

It is important to remember, that when you receive messages from psychics, it may not always be what you want to hear. I didn't want to acknowledge the fate that was in store for me, but it was happening regardless. There are things in life we just cannot change, it doesn't matter if we want it or not. From experience, when something is taken away, it is replaced with a new chapter in life, one that is usually more exciting than the last. Psychics could give really accurate readings, but if they get one detail wrong, or is not what the client wants to hear, all of a sudden they would be classed as a charlatan. I have had people question me, try to exhaust me of energy for answers, but if something is not meant for someone, I cannot magically make it happen. Well, I could...(witch!) but so long as it isn't messing with free will of course. For example, I cannot make anyone fall in love with another person.

A part of my gift that I really enjoy is animal communication. I would say I specialise more with equines. Horses really are beautiful creatures who teach us a lot about who we are. Many people assume animal communication is me talking full on with animals like Dr Dolittle. Not quite. You see, animals communicate in various ways. Their main form is telepathy, though their body language is the one thing we could all understand & yet we fail to.

As an Equine Facilitated Therapist, I combine my own spiritual gift with the ability to acknowledge how horses can heal us without really trying. The horse sees us for who we are. They see directly into our souls, to the point they know us better than we know ourselves. During a therapy session, my voice isn't required. The client will be taking note of how the horse reacts to them, body language, they'll also acknowledge any thoughts or feelings that arise within them. The client is able to process these emotions because the horse shows them the exact moment they began, why they're happening and how to overcome it. Horses are our mirrors and are exceptional teachers. They reflect back to us the depths of our souls we have tried to hide. Being creatures of authenticity, you cannot really hide much from them.

Whilst I was training to become an EFT, I had a few mini breakthroughs of my own. I was taking things with my last job to a tribunal. Determined to hold on and fight for what was right, I was actually losing myself and making myself ill through stress. I was in my lodgings looking out at a horse who was segregated from the herd. Slightly shy, she was there at the yard to learn and to become more comfortable with who she was becoming, rather than who she once was. I'd often find her watching me through the window as I was blow drying my hair in the mornings. She would bring me butterflies on her nose, which is very random, but you learn that when you do any line of spiritual work, everything has purpose and meaning. This young mare liked to check in on me & we connected. On watching her, I noticed how she longed to be part of the other herd, though would retract away from the fence if they came close. There was a lack of confidence at times, which was almost like she was questioning her own worth. I had found a mirror in her. This horse made me decide that a tribunal wouldn't bring me happiness, contentment, nor was it acknowledging the person I was becoming. I was holding onto something that had been inauthentic to who I was today. In that moment I cried because I knew she was speaking to me and I will be forever grateful to her. Those butterflies were her way of showing me that I was transforming.

I find it very hard when meeting owners, or riders, who completely dismiss their horse as a soul, but as a money making object. You cannot expect to just hop on a horse and expect them to work for you. It is much like the film Avatar. The moment you sit on a horse, you are at one with them and their chakra system. They feel your emotions and all of the baggage you are holding onto. The clients who suggest their horse is naughty or stupid, even the ones who wear clothing slating their horse to be vulgar words, not forgetting the ones who dress their horses in costume, are the ones who find what I do most hard hitting. At no point have they ever considered themselves to be the problem, or how their horse feels about this toxic human behaviour. When you express hate towards an animal they feel it as a vibration, so they are fully understanding of how you view them. Naughty behaviour comes from not being heard or understood, perhaps even being in pain. I have met horses with lame backs that have continued to be ridden because the horse was an expensive purchase. I have even witnessed a young girl scream at her horse because he didn't make a jump. None of us are perfect, it is ok to admit that. It is also ok to admit that we, as humans, find it hard to let go of emotions and so project our pain and frustration onto another person, or animal, to make us feel better about ourselves. Otherwise known as bullying. If you cannot see your horse, or animal, as the teacher that they are then simply do not own them.

As a horse healer and communicator, I have had some extraordinary experiences whilst working with them. To just see the way a herd interacts and listens to the Earth, is pure magic. They all tend to stand facing the same direction, or they will form a shape, such as a triangle to conduct the energy between them. I happened to be driving through Uley, a village near where I live in the Cotswolds, when I came across a herd meditating. I pulled over my car, to just go and join them. They were assessing the new energies coming to Earth, the timelines that could play out for humanity. The herd was all at ease, however I was made aware that things would soon be changing for us all- yes more than what 2020 brought us. Some people will understand the changes more than others. I felt this would be positive change, though was made aware between now and that point, some difficulties would be faced. These difficulties would remind us to open our hearts and minds, to accept each other for who we are, to acknowledge that there is no such thing as normal. We are just who we are. Dust. Energy. Light. We will recognise the divides that have occurred and will rectify this with unity.

Being on a spiritual journey means that I have been able to embrace who I am. I will not change who I am to fit someone's idea of normal, I also do not go out of my way to impress people. I can see beyond the veil, communicate with horses and other creatures. Why would I want to live a life without all of this?

Take it from the horse, be in the moment, live each day as it comes and to it's fullest. Find your freedom and embrace your soul. Life is too short to try and fit into someone's box of normal.

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