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Time To Inspire & Change This World

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

A couple of nights ago I had a dream in which Princess Diana came forwards to me. In the dream was also Prince Harry. Both of them were actively trying to expose secrets within the royal family, secrets that involved child sex trafficking. She was a woman who fought for the freedom of people, gave a voice to those pushed out of society. Diana was the Queen of Hearts for many reasons. Her energy has come through to me many times before, each time asking for help or to be a voice. We both know how it feels to be around corruption, watching things happen without being influential enough to make change.

As someone who is quite placid in nature, I tend to shock people whenever I stand up for myself, or even speak my truth. The reason, I guess, is that people get so used to me being quiet, compliant to their behaviour of taking advantage of my good nature, the moment I suddenly speak up, is the moment I am told I am not spiritual or am a negative person. Being spiritual means being at peace within, knowing your truth & recognising your worth as well as that of others. It is finding the light of the Divine within you, to find it in others. (Namaste). I am entitled to have a voice, an opinion and am entitled to live in my truth. If I see corruption, negative behaviour, or feel I am being undervalued, I am in my right to call it out.

For the past year I have had to watch many of my predictions come to light. Some of these predictions, such as food shortages, really did not require a crystal ball to see it all coming. The media have dropped hints for some time. Everything is drip fed to us, much like how younger people are slowly being blamed for the 'Delta Variant' (which is mainly patients suffering from adverse jab reactions), meaning compulsory clot shots for the students and anyone wanting to have freedom. There is nothing free about a mandatory jab, with the offer of a free doughnut or fast food takeout just for the pleasure of having it. (Bribing people to have something should, in my book, ring alarm bells). Here’s an example, not everyone can eat nuts due to having a severe allergic reaction. If you mandate a person with a nut allergy to eat a nut you’re sentencing them to their death. Now think about all the people unaware that they have a nut allergy, that then die because of being forced against their will to eat a nut. Who are we to tell anyone what they should be putting into their bodies? Everyone has the right to freedom & anyone saying any different should have a check-in with themselves, especially if they are believing to be on the spiritual path.

Mostly my messages talk about unity. Over the past year we have seen the whole world divide. From political reasons to woke movements. Mostly this has all been orchestrated by the powers that be. It shouldn't matter who you are, what you look like or beliefs etc, we are human beings- one race that, if not careful, could actually wipe ourselves out in the years to come. When the people stand together, in unity, great things can happen. We can overturn all this negativity in the world- creating a pathway towards the New Earth.

To begin unity, we first have to expose all the hidden secrets. Slowly this is happening, especially as far as celebs selling their souls to the elite are concerned. One story that blew up some years back was that of Jimmy Savile and the people who covered it up.

Jimmy Savile had so many privileges. Did you know that in 1988 he was actually placed in charge of Broadmoor- a psychiatric hospital for vulnerable people with severe mental health, as well as a secure prison for many of Britain’s most vile criminals??

People knew Savile was a raging Pedophile at that time, but were too afraid to speak up. He was appointed in charge by Edwina Currie (the health minister at that time), meaning his senior powers could overrule Broadmoor nurses. Whilst there he also abused some of Broadmoor’s most vulnerable patients, even reportedly getting them drunk, whilst on high doses of medication, one Christmas Day. Princess Diana was aware & was appalled. Though at this time, she did not quite have the influence to make a difference. Finding out that Savile also visited Buckingham Palace regularly- he was good friends with Charles & Andrew, it was eventually exposed to her the extent of how involved in sex trafficking the royal family was. Once Diana divorced Charles, she was free to continue her charity work & she wanted to make a difference to the lives of innocents who had been victim to Government crimes which had caused poverty, death & of course sex trafficking of children. (Of which all still happen today)

On the evening of her death, it was alleged Diana took a phone call where she arranged to meet with a reporter the following morning & share all that she had recorded- evidence of the royal family’s involvement of harvesting children. The evidence would have brought Britain to it’s knees, as it would open a massive can of worms that would expose hundreds of ‘respected people’ in the country as Pedophiles. The sad thing is, that no one actually wants to listen to the truth. All these people in power get away with it still to this day. Prince Andrew is prime example of this.

As light workers, we are not just here to provide fluffy readings, talk about unicorns, crystals & to live burying heads in the sand just to keep the peace. There’s nothing peaceful about what is happening to people in this world. Just because it isn’t happening to you doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Light workers are here to shake the wasps nest, to get stung, to fight for truth & freedom. If we all put out the thought to expose this wrong doing, then we can achieve great things together. We wasn’t born with this great gift for nothing. We come here to bring light to the darkest places on Earth. My question is though, why are the ones who tell the truth punished and those who are corrupt survive?

Princess Diana didn’t die. Her love, light & legacy lives on through those whose lives she touched. She lives through history. With her soul this vibrantly alive, we can harness this love for the people & create a new Earth.

2032 is declared the new golden age. Between now and then we have a lot of work to do if we want to help the planet survive. In 2032 the entire universe will move into the fifth dimension. Those who wish to live in harmony, sharing, caring, co-operating and working with nature, creativity and love will form spiritual communities and a different civilization.

The souls of those who no longer wish to participate at this frequency will chose either to return to the inner planes for instruction, go back to their home planets in other universes or continue with a third-dimensional experience in a third-dimensional universe. All will be perfect for them. When the light truly begins to shine on Earth again, there will be no boundaries or passports. Everyone will feel welcome wherever they go and people will see the divine in each other. This is why unity is so important.

The deception on this planet is unbearable at the moment. I am seeing far too many influential light workers, or celebs, using their platforms to promote the current narrative put out by the MSM. This isn't soul truth, it doesn't come from within, it comes from fear that is fed to us by the likes of the BBC. We are beings of light, energy that is free. We do not need to comply to this 3D density of hate and divide. Lots of people say that a lot of what we are told lately does not make sense, yet still follow the rules incase they get in trouble. Everyone wants to do the right thing, yet no one fully understands what the right thing is because they listen to all the wrong sources. The only voice that should be listened to is the voice within- your soul. The voice of truth and reason. Do what is right - not what is popular or easy.

The point of my blog today, is that we do all have the power, as an individual, to make a difference to this world. Princess Diana was one person, look at all she achieved. Just because something is not impacting your life directly, doesn't mean it never will. Remaining silent, whilst seeing this wrong doing happening all around us, means that we are giving permission to losing our freedoms. Where does it stop for you? Mandatory jabs? Passports? Digital I.D? Crypto currencies? It's corruption. Full on corruption and tyranny. The law of attraction works both ways, excessive fear attracts all that you fear. Having positive thoughts to change this Earth and expose the darkness can also be manifested. We all have choice. Do you stand up and fight as the light, or allow the darkness to win?

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