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Twin Flame Obsession

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Just lately it seems like the new craze in the spiritual community is twin flame love. It's become fashionable to call anyone who enters our lives, as potential love, a twin flame. We need to be very careful with this label, as some people are simply no where near that level of sacred love. It should be understood what a twin flame is and how they are actually a massive pain in the backside! Though, the journey they bring is actually very beautiful, despite the pain separation teaches us.

At the beginning of life forces forming, souls lived as one ball of light in the multiverse. They are known to us now as stars. These balls of light were sent to various planets & realms to live. Planets such as Venus, Mars & Neptune all have had life there, though their souls were able to remain as one being due to the purity of their planet. Earth was too once a pure planet where souls lived in harmony. Ancient civilizations were far more advanced than we are today, where the beings were connected fully to their souls and to the Universe. Unlike the other planets, Earth had many different energy fields, which allowed in low vibrational energies and densities. This eventually caused the colonies on Earth to fall into states of ego and so souls began to split and divide. Atlantis, a civilization built on the foundation of unconditional love, began to crumble. It was the beating heart of the planet, though it was now disappearing into the depths of the ocean. The highly attuned beings of Atlantis began to forget their ancestral powers, although still had certain abilities, wisdoms & knowledges that were able to be taught to future generations. As time went on, the energy that the city provided was lost. The beings on Earth changed, transformed, adapted. They grew other civilizations around the globe, often with praise to Gods that visited Earth to try and steer them correctly. For example, Aphrodite visited many times. She was documented in different civilizations throughout time, often named differently, such as Venus or Freya.

A separated soul has a void to fill. They actively search for a person to fill that void, to love them and share a life together. Sadly the chosen love may not always feel the same, nor treat them with the respect and love they deserve- for they too have a void and are unhealed. No matter how hard they try to make it work, it cannot. Some souls just do not fit together like a puzzle. Their search for 'the one' or their 'other half of the soul' may continue throughout their life, or lifetimes, unless they learn the one important thing to fill their void- to look within.

You'll hear many spiritual people, including myself, bang on about self-love and the importance of it. I fully appreciate how hard it can be to make time for yourself when the world around you feels like it is so demanding of you. NO may seem like a negative word, though when it comes to self- love & nurturing, it can be very positive and help you to switch off from situations not serving you a purpose. Self-love can be as simple as turning off your phone, or taking time out in nature. Sometimes just a 5-10 minute meditation, even exercise, can make all the difference to how you feel about yourself, or how you take on your day. When you truly begin to master self-love, you'll come to realise that you do not need anyone to fill a void within your soul, nor do you need external love. Everything you need is within you. Yes, you may well be in separation from your beloved, however, when you understand energy, you will understand that there is no such thing as full separation. Separation is only physical. On other levels of consciousness- the 5D where souls thrive, we are all in Divine Union. When you find union within, you'll align yourself with the Universe to attract external Union with your beloved. You'll pull them into your life & so the theory that you can search for them is wrong. They find you, for true love is unconditional & often unseen as it aims to be the best secret and surprise in your life.

Understanding twin flames is difficult, yet fairly easy when you begin to awaken on your soul path. You'll meet various different souls in your life, some you'll easily come to like, others you will want nothing more to do with. We do not have to resonate to everyone on the planet. Everyone we meet is a reflection of who we are. People always mirror to us what we feel inside, not only this but we tend to attract people to us who are also going through similar things. This is how we come to learn more about ourselves. When meeting a twin flame, they are almost an exact replica of who we are. They not only mirror us, but they complete us. It feels euphoric, it's an energy that is can often be hard to explain for it stops time still in its tracks. You look at them in a way that you have never looked at anyone else for they feel like home, they feel like a magnet. You may not even know them fully at this point, yet you look in their eyes and past lifetimes flash up so you remember who they are. No matter how hard you try you cannot shift them from your thoughts. Whilst this sounds beautiful, your life will now turn upside down and you will be forced into a spiritual journey that you may not have been ready for. It is all part of your soul contract, but it doesn't stop the shock.

Twin flames have 2 hearts, one soul. They are Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies, otherwise known as Ying & Yang. There will always be a runner and a chaser, usually it is the masculine who runs as he is yet to awaken, it is Divine Feminine who chases because she knows he is her divine counterpart. It does not matter the gender of the person in question. You can have same sex twin flames, therefore a Divine Feminine could well be a man. We all possess masculine and feminine energies within our being, it is just part of who we are. This is why finding union within first- between your own masculine and feminine energies, is so important. Separation usually occurs due to both of the counterparts requiring deep inner healing. This healing could only take place through meeting one another and recognising the sacred soul connection between you. There is never a time frame on how long separation lasts for, though it is usually years for there is often a lot to heal and learn before union can occur.

Having divine union with your sacred partner still does not always bring the happiness and joy you expected. There are still lessons you will go through together in life and therefore you could still experience some running and chaser type behaviours. Again, this is why the inner work is so important. When you are in separation you go on a journey to find enlightenment and so you will notice signs and synchronicities from the Universe. You will begin transforming from an old version of yourself into someone who connects to the Earth. You tap into the ancient energies Atlantis once had and you bring that through into the 3D world. It is this higher form of energy that allows us to feel connected to our beloved, this is how we can communicate with them telepathically, energetically. It is very possible to feel them physically with you, despite them being many miles away.

It is important to remember that we are not all incarnated with our twin flame in this life. We are, however, usually all incarnated with various soulmates and so love & happiness can still be found. Soulmate love can still be very beautiful. Yes, they too can bring us lessons, but these will never be as deep cut as the twin flame ones. We should all remember too that if we are incarnated with our divine counterpart to not make it about being happy. If you are fortunate enough to be incarnated with your twin flame, you are not here for a normal life. You are here to raise the vibration of this planet so that we can all have that unconditional love once again from Atlantis. Raising the vibration and frequencies of the planet ensures that we move toward a golden age, where Atlantis is able to rise from the depths. We may never see that in our lifetime, but what a legacy to leave behind for all on Earth to experience. Of course united souls can always return here to Earth after they pass, but there are other planets for the souls to experience.

Perhaps all the stars we see in the sky are our ancestors, who have all united with their beloveds, all twinkling and watching over the multiverse. Stars remind us that even the darkness can be beautiful, which is very important to remember when on this twin flame journey! The dark night of soul may seem frightening, though it brings a great reward of authenticity & enchantment with it. Not everyone will understand you on this journey, they will think you are obsessed with a narcissist, or that you are putting life on hold for someone who may never return. These are all lessons sent to try us. Eventually you wont put life on hold, you'll create your own joy & learn to be happy with or without your beloved. We have to keep things moving in our lives, so by waiting we are stagnant. Allow yourself to be open to all kinds of love. Experience the beauty in life. Of course you will only want your twin flame after you meet them, but to deny other love is to deny yourself of the light in life you deserve.

This obsession with the idea that twin flames are perfect, must now stop. Many people get too caught up on the idea that anyone they have a romantic connection with has to be with a twin flame. I have come across many people who are stuck with a person who is so far removed from being a Divine counterpart it is unreal, however, many people do not like to be alone and so co-dependent behaviour gives some people the excuse to define the types of love connections they find themselves in. If you ever have to question if a love is sacred, especially if you are being disrespected by someone, trust your intuition that a better love is out there for you. Also keep in mind that no psychic, or any other person, than yourself, can ever tell you if you are with your twin flame. Your whole being will scream to you that they are, if it doesn't, you'll have huge doubts. The doubt is your soul telling you to not hold onto this unhealthy connection, that your divine love is still possibly out there searching for you too.

I met my twin flame in 2012. It was like nothing else I had ever experienced, yet I was at not at a point in my life where I could enter into Divine love. I didn't feel worthy of love, especially from him as he was just a beautiful soul inside and out. I ended up in an abusive relationship instead, one that knocked any self love out of me completely. (See, what you feel inside, you attract) It was my twin flame who made me see the abuse clearly, so much so I was finally able to walk away as felt I deserved better. A year later I grew closer to my divine masculine, though our union could still never be. When you leave a domestic violent relationship behind, the abuse doesn't stop the moment you walk out the door. It's in your head for a long time to come after. I needed to heal, but also he wasn't ready for a connection this intense. I last saw him in 2018 & since then we have had no contact at all. The separation was painful, I can't lie, I would cry so much as felt empty without him. My soul stopped singing. As time has gone on, I've grown & changed. I've stepped further into my Divine Feminine power. I am open to receive love & I do find that connections with others are much more deep as they are of my soul family. The vibration I put out means I am surrounded by some very beautiful souls now.

Would I ever allow anyone, other than my Divine Masculine, into my heart? Of course, but they would have to rock my world and heat up all my senses. So far, only one person has done that recently, though I'm still single, so I'm assuming it's not going anywhere & that it is just to show me I am open to love. So whatever is meant to be will be. I'm happy in my own company and should anyone else want to share my energy, then they will have to recognise my Divine feminine energy, for I deserve unconditional love. We all do. It's not a lot to ask for really.

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