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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The world is angry, full of emotions. Countries are losing their freedoms, with shortages beginning to occur. There's earthquakes and volcanoes happening across the globe, the energy on Earth is pushing breaking point.

On September 27th we began a three week stint of a Mercury Retrograde. These particular retrogrades are not usually welcomed by many people as they tend to bring about 'disasters' such as travel delays, technology breaking, miscommunication or misunderstandings. Mercury Retrogrades can pause your plans, which you can either get mad about, or try and see things through a different perspective. When things go wrong, how do you not know that actually this is something going right for you? No one likes change, but change must happen otherwise we remain stagnant. During a Mercury Retrograde we are given time to reflect, rejuvenate, rest and to reassess in our lives. Whatever is not meant for us, be it in love, friendships, work situations or day to day life, will come to the end of it's karmic cycle. We are not here to struggle or to be unhappy, nor are we here to just appease others. We are beings of light with powers beyond our knowledge. We deserve better than just putting up with what life has dealt us, especially given the fact that we are the creators of our lives- so lets create the life we want!

Our world is a stage and we each have a part to play. If you look closely you will begin to see that much of what is being presented to us by the media just isn't reality. If you play ball to the game then you are welcomed in, but if you question the Truman show, you are ruined in seconds, maybe even bumped off. Nicki Minaj recently caused a stir by going against the celebrity scripts in encouraging people to jab. Making a point that she is entitled to freedom, yet she was torn apart by the media by lies. Anyone awake would see that she is someone standing in their power, expressing her right to live her life her way. The sleepers say she is dangerous. We shouldn't laugh at anyone asking questions to further their knowledge. Especially when that laughter comes from a place of fear that someone is breaking free of the matrix programming.

September has been a bit of an eye opener into what we can expect from the future months. We as a population in the UK have been tested once again. Last year was loo rolls, this year it's fuel. There is no fuel shortage, in fact quite the opposite. (There is a shortage in HGV drivers, but the British public voted for Brexit and so this was to be expected.) What is happening is that the surplus fuel, from last year, is now being sold off at extortionate rates in the belief that there is no fuel, meaning that our government can then fill the pumps with E10 which will break down the fuel tanks in our cars, pushing us all into getting a more modern electric car. (When they cut off the power electric cars will not look so great then.) We are being laughed at big time. Phil McCann was the BBC correspondent reporting on the hysteria. They want to see how much we listen and believe in all they tell us. (I feel that drafting in the army is more about Marshall law than assisting us.)

They want to create a story on climate change, how things must change. The world naturally heats up and cools down, but we as humans have been able to create our own weather, so what is the truth? Also they're adding more fluoride to the water. Fluoride dumbs the brain down, so naturally in a world where some people are awakening and questioning the narrative, the powers that be want to shut them down. September has also seen some major truths arise to the surface as we all heard the horrifying details from Sarah Everard's case, as well as hearing that R. Kelly will finally be sentenced for his crimes in sex trafficking. (He is just one of many big names who are apart of this.)

This is a great time to buy books on foraging, getting to know nature and what you can or cannot eat from the land. I encourage people to look more into becoming self-sufficient with their foods, this way you know what you are eating and that it is not full of the poisons supermarket foods have. A plant based diet could well be a way forwards when it comes to survival. Everything we know is about to change even more. Those in charge, they think that they are burying us alive, they believe they are winning. But we are seeds, we are about to grow and ascend. The satanic agenda on this planet will be exposed and those in power will cease to have any power over the people. Of course I am talking over many years here, it wont happen as quickly as we'd like sadly, though rest assured unity on Earth will occur and their evil empire will crumble and fall. It'll be like the scene from Sleeping Beauty where they all awake to the light after the darkness has fallen.

These scenes of chaos proves something though. That we as humans are not ready for the truth, to know the meaning of life. We can't cope with loo rolls or fuel shortages, how on earth would we cope with an announcement of aliens?!

The autumn equinox energy brought in a powerful manifestation energy. The media hyped the BP fuel shortages up, which manifested into something bigger. What we should remember is that words are spells, they hold power and in a choice of words we can either create or destroy. This can also been seen as Karma. A great example I can give on this is when I lost my job in 2017. I was spoken to in a derogative way by my female boss, she put her energy into breaking me and turning my union rep against me. After I was suspended, I refused to return to the workplace just to be sacked. I knew my fate, why go just so she could see me squirm? At the time I was very angry about it all, so given I'm a witch that was not a good thing. I was stood on Glastonbury Tor, reflecting on life when I said out loud to the Universe "Make her feel the pain of her words that she casts onto others." It wasn't long after that I heard she had a broken jaw. I also had directed my anger to many of the people who upset me at that time, via the universe, all of which have now left the job, been dismissed, gone through marital problems or breakups. It is their karma though, lessons in life that they have to go through and learn. At the end of the day I didn't mean for my boss to get hurt physically, however, it is a reminder that we are energy and what think or feel can manifest quickly, quite often without our control once we have put that energy out there.

I could look back at my life since 2017 and feel so angry, bitter or sorrowful, however that blip in the road redirected me onto a new life where I am living as my authentic self. I have met some amazing souls since that time and have experienced many magickal moments that I will never forget. I am still creating the life I want to live, still piecing my life back together. This is why I have faith in the Universe. I thought my life was over, that I would never be happy again. I wanted my life to end, I begged each night before bed that I wouldn't wake up the next day. The Universe refused to let me give up, I have more life to live, more people to meet, more souls to heal, more spiritual growth to experience. So when it is my time, be it soon or in many years from now, I will be ready to say I fulfilled my soul contract. I lived my life my way and found love in more places than just in my heart. I walk with source every day, for I am the light. I do not embrace the dark, except for the shadows of my being that I must learn to love.

Being 33 years old, some people expect me to be married or to have had children. People ask my Mum if she's disappointed that she has no grandkids, my Mum just laughs and says "not at all, my daughter is alive and healthy, that is all that matters." Not that I can read for myself, but I personally do not see myself having children or getting married in the future. The world is a dangerous place to bring children into now. The biological clock ticks for a woman and I'm not sure I'd find a Mr. Right to settle down with now. My main goal in life is to just be happy and content. At this moment in time my happiness is fulfilled with the love from animals in my life, friends, family, nature and the clients I work with. To see someone shine after they have come to one of my workshops, healing sessions or even a reading, is an uplifting feeling that I cannot explain. I just provide the tools for them to make changes in their lives, they do the work and it really shows. Last month I received a beautiful gift from a client in Australia, It was unexpected, yet so welcomed. Now and again I receive thank you cards to the shop I work with in my town. I still do not always understand how much I uplift another person or set them free. I guess I just show them compassion, love and light. I treat them in a way I wish to be treated myself. I see their worth, even if at times I struggle to see mine.

We are now heading into the final 3 months of the year. All I ask is that anyone reading this really embraces who they are and to stop complying to rules that bring about so much destruction. Unity is our key to override this dark time. We must all begin to come together, because it will be us verses them. Light always wins though.

I am going to fully embrace Halloween and have had pumpkin candles in the house since July! I love the build up to the Samhain energies and the thinning of the veil between our world and the spirit realm. It is when I see spirit the most and that in itself is beyond breathtaking and a blessing.

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