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Witch! Witch! You're A Witch!

Back in 2017 when I was channeling a lot of messages from spirit, I designed a little magazine Called Soul Connections each month. It was full of spiritual guidance and practices. In October 2017 I wrote this short story called The Black Cat Of All Hallows Eve. The main character, Agatha, is a witch who lived as a woman of the land and kept to herself. The story came about as a reminder of the many women who were wrongly accused of witchcraft for centuries, with the last UK death being Janet Horne in 1725.

In Scotland January 1944, a Spiritual Medium named Helen Duncan was imprisoned under the Witchcraft Act of 1735. It is believed that in 1941 Helen spoke with a deceased sailor from HMS Barham who had revealed that the ship had been sunk in the Mediterranean. The problem was that this information had not been released by the War office until some months later due to trying to cover up the loss of 861 seamen. The arrest is said to have came about as it was feared that Helen may reveal the date and time of the forthcoming D-Day Normandy landings. Helen was released September 1944 though faced harassment for the rest of her life until her death. In November 1956 the police raided a private séance in Nottingham in an attempt to prove fraud, yet despite their attempts they could not disprove her. Five weeks later Helen sadly passed away.

Many witch hunts and trials took place throughout the UK and the world. Here in the UK, this was mainly in the reign of King James I. During the 16th century a new Christian theory developed, a theory that suggested a person dabbling with witchcraft would of sold their soul to the devil and therefore deserved to be punished in the name of King & God.

One of the most famous UK witch trials was that of the Pendle Hill Witches in 1612. There were 12 accused of witchcraft, with 10 of them being found guilty. Despite many of these trials being false accusations, there are many myths and spooky legends that haunt Pendle Hill and it is known for being a place of dark energy. Pendle Hill lays upon sacred lay lines, that with certain intentions, can mean that the energy either goes one way or the other- good vs evil. It truly is a reminder that Magick is based on intentions and the energy behind each spell cast. Our words create energy, as do our thoughts. A negative thought towards another can cast a dark spell upon them. As with anything you put out there, be mindful that it will always return tenfold.

There are some great ghost stories around the UK that have made big news worldwide. One story that fascinated me was that of Catharine Howard at Hampton Court Palace. The night before I visited, I had a dream that I was a woman in a period dress, perhaps Tudor, I was running through a corridor when guards caught me and dragged me away kicking and screaming. Little did I actually realise, at the time, that the dream was possibly a real scene that I had dreamt. The tour guide mentioned that Catharine Howard's ghost has been seen, or indeed heard, running and screaming through a particular corridor at the palace. I wasn't a fan of Hampton Court Palace. Walking around it felt as though I was in a prison where the energy was draining. To make matters worse I walked around the palace with a stabbing feeling in my thigh as I picked up on Henry VIII.

I have experienced a few unexplainable ghostly moments myself, most of which were from when I worked in Gloucester Prison. This one particular night shift happened to be on a full moon, which for anyone working in care settings, prisons etc, it is known that full moons really set off some strange behaviours. (In prisons, the prisoners would make animal noises or just kick doors all night long.) As officers on shift, we would try and spook each other for shits and giggles, however something spooked us that caused a lot of unease and brown pants that night! I was walking along the 2's landing on A wing chatting with the Night Orderly Officer, when a metal tray flew out from under a door on the 3's and hit the spring net on our landing. We both stomped up to the 3's to confront the prisoner, though realised that the cell it came from was empty.

The prison was originally built around the 1700's, so say on top a Roman spring, so lots of history and death run through the land it is on- let alone the city of Gloucester. People were hung for their crimes in the old gate lodge, to which their bodies would then be dumped into a mass grave within the prison walls. Gloucester prison also had condemned man cells where prisoners due for hanging were kept in their final days. These particular cells seemed to be a problem for prisoners who were occupying them. Quite often we would answer call bells at night to grown men crying in frustration or fear that someone else was in the cell with them or that they could hear someone talking to them in the night directly into their ear.

On another night shift, I was on B wing which housed a few young offenders along with vulnerable prisoners. (Great mix!) This landing is where myself and other officers had seen half the body of an officer wearing navy uniform walk through cell doors. Having already been spooked by the N.O.O, as per usual, I decided to get my own back. I was on the 1s and could hear his heavy boots walking along the landing above me. I rushed to the end of the corridor near the stair case and waited for him. I heard him down the metal stairs and just as he was reaching the final step I jumped out on him... only he wasn't there, he was across the way on A wing. We worked very hard on nightshifts... Of course though there were occasions when unfortunate events would happen. Local prisons bring in all sorts off the streets, a lot of prisoners with mental health get sentenced when, in some circumstances, a prison is not the place for them. It puts extra pressure on staff, just as much as it does the system and it's a poor way to treat anyone who is in need of proper medical attention.

It's Halloween Eve Eve and I can't believe how fast this month has gone! This has been such a busy week for me, mind you Halloween week usually is. It's like my 2nd Christmas. Orders have stacked up this week, just as I think I'm through them more comes in, not that I'm complaining as I enjoy it, but goodness me!! I've had radio and newspaper interviews as well, plus working in The Collective shop to help out, along side some charity work at night. Now with the build up to Christmas the feeling of rushing around is becoming more and more full on. Can we just calm down now and find some balance please?! I'm not a fan of Christmas shopping, I only go out to meet friends for the German Markets and delicious food. (Love a mulled wine and bratwurst.) Christmas shopping stresses me out and I find it pointless when everyone has bought what they want from Amazon during the year anyway. Plus the crowds! UGH! Then the sweating from going in and out of shops... you can see why we turn to online shopping. Last year I bought all the presents in my local high street or I made gifts for family and friends.

Halloween for me is about seeing lots of spirits walking around the place, connecting into my inner witch, casting a few spells and lighting candles in honour of my loved ones in spirit. I do think we need to get away from the Satanic Ideas that Hollywood present us with. Everyone loves Hocus Pocus, though the fact that it is about kidnapping and killing children, by sucking the life from them, is a nod and big giveaway to what is actually happening with child sex trafficking and adrenochrome. Obviously that thought process makes one to sound like a true conspiracy theorist, but the facts are always right in front of us hidden in plain sight. Like this Squid Game. Just shows how the satanics work etc.

ANYWAY! Here is my short story called The Black Cat Of All Hallows Eve.

Agatha stood on the wet soil beneath her bare feet and took in the fresh October air of this autumn day. The sun was just rising and daylight seemed to caress around her vibrant long red hair. As she looked to the sky, it was very apparent that the moon and sun were sharing a rare moment together. With each breath she inhaled, Agatha thanked Gaia for the beauty she was surrounded with, for she lived deep within the woods as a green witch of the land. Taking in her surroundings, she noticed the serenity. Everything was peaceful. But her heart felt heavy. It was as though she could feel change in the air. The local villagers were wary of Agatha. She was different to other women. She had bewitching green eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness like that of a cat. Her presence in the village would often be made unwelcome. She was not understood, the local women believed she could entice their husbands and she was frowned upon for not attending the church service on a Sunday. However, this did not stop some curious folk from asking her to cast spells for love or money and purchasing her natural healing remedies. The silence of the morning was broken with the sound of pounding hooves in the earth. Agatha could feel the fear building within the energy of the land. She caught a scent in the air which was forewarning her of the danger coming her way. Walking to a clearing in the woods, she eventually stood still in the openness of the trees. It was as if her feet had become rooted to the ground. A deep knowing came over her that this would be the last time she would see the woodland. Surrounded by armed men on horse back, Agatha was informed of her arrest. Confused as to why, it was explained to her that the villagers had fallen ill and it was believed that she had placed a curse on them all. They would not listen to her pleas and she was taken back to the village to be placed on trial. Agatha was shocked to find she was not the only one in the court room on trial. Ten other women stood with her. After a day of maintaining their innocence, all were found guilty of Witchcraft. The women were taken to be burnt at the stake in the centre of the village. As the full moon rose in the dark sky, Agatha’s eyes shone bright. She addressed the villagers telling them that her soul is now free and would live on forever, She told the people that she forgave them. The flames swept over her and many were shocked to see them turn red and green. It is believed that Agatha did indeed live on for centuries that followed. As every All Hallows Eve, a black cat with the brightest green eyes is seen running through what is now a town. It is said that if you awake to find a deceased mouse on your doorstep, on the first day of November, you will be blessed with good fortune for the year to come. For those who awake with the red leaves of autumn and green silky moss around their door, they shall be blessed with a new child in their household.

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