£60 Per Session Not Inc Travel Cost. 
£25 deposit taken at time of booking.

Alongside her gift as a Psychic Medium, Jessica can also communicate with animals.

"Animals are communicating to us all the time, we just do not always listen. Often animals can be classed as naughty, this is their way of expressing their emotions to us. A lot of the time it is because they are experiencing pain, discomfort or are struggling to cope with the energy within their environment. For example, their human may be under stress or a routine may have been changed. For an animal this can be held onto as anxiety.

During a session I will draw your animal's aura, write down any messages and findings, as well as give them a Reiki Healing. Reiki is a natural energy that animals love. Sometimes I will use crystals alongside the healing."



If you would like an in depth reading & healing report for your pet, this is for you!

You do not need to be present for distant healing or communication, which is fantastic if you are overseas from the UK, or if too far away for Jessica to visit your home.

This is a distant healing session where Jessica will connect into your pet's energy and see what it is they would like you to know. From this reading Jessica will be able to see their aura, offer them Reiki healing and communicate with them. 

You'll receive a photo of the findings- this is a template of the animal which Jessica will colour on so you can see what she sees with the auric field, along with a voice recording of the reading for you to download. This will all be sent to you via email.

This type of session are for pets who are living and not those over the rainbow bridge in spirit.

Jessica will require a recent photo of your pet, along with any questions you may have. All orders are worked on between Monday & Sunday. You will receive an email from Jessica to confirm the booking & session day. 

The session cost is £45

All readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

Please ensure your PayPal email address is the same email address you can be contacted by. If different, please email Jessica to keep her informed: