£85 Adults £75 Children

EFT is for anyone looking to improve their communication skills, self-belief, confidence, overcome fears & anxiety. It can also help to develop leadership skills, encourages you to set & achieve goals. The sessions are also beneficial to those who suffer from mental illness- for example PTSD, but also adults & children with learning difficulties. EFT can also assist those on the autistic spectrum as it encourages communication & explores boundaries. 

Horses are sentient beings, who communicate in many different ways. They are natural healers & sessions can bring profound experiences. A horse mirrors the soul & so reflects back our thoughts, feelings & emotions. They see you, all of you. They are our teachers.

Sessions can include time out with the horse grooming & feeling their energy. This allows time to de-stress. Other sessions may include a obstacle course which will bring time for reflection. Being in the moment is important. 

EFT can be done as a 1-2-1 session or as a 1 day workshop. 

For corporate events please email for a price.