Jessica May is an approved training provider for IPHM. (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) Through the Soul of Equus Healing, Jessica provides accredited courses & workshops to qualify & assist people to work in the Holistic industry. This gives people thorough understanding of their gifts & abilities.

As a natural born psychic medium, healer & animal communicator, Jessica is able to pass on her knowledge & wisdom to those who enroll on a course or workshop. Her gentle, but detailed approach allows her students to awaken their spiritual side at a pace right for them, giving them the tools & understanding required to work with the Universe. 

Jessica's workshops and ceremonies are already very popular & are in high demand.

Courses will begin in the Summer time of 2021. To be kept up to date, keep an eye on this website or visit Soul of Equus Healing on Facebook.

Due to COVID restrictions, these workshops & courses will now take place via Zoom. 



Awaken Your Spiritual Senses

In March 2021, the online doors for Jessica May's Learning Academy opened! The opening course, which started in May 2021, was a foundation learning course in Spiritual & Psychic Development.

It is an 8 week course where we met every Sunday via Zoom.

This course is not designed to qualify you as a spiritual soul, (we do not need paperwork for this) it is however to accredit you and to help you understand the basics in spiritual development.

In the Soul of Equus Healing Learning Academy, we feel it is far more important for people to show understanding & to work with this gift to the best of their abilities. With great power comes great responsibility, using your power through ego, not through truth or your soul, would be a wasted gift. Jessica May is passionate to deliver the tools to her students so that they can best understand what it means to be a messenger of Divine light.

This is the beginning of your journey, not just spiritually, but that of awareness for the energy of each other & the Universe we are in.

During the course you will be asked to do 3 modules, these will need completing before you are signed off from the course. They are nothing to worry about and should actually provide you with some fun, whilst expanding your psychic abilities. All modules can be returned via email.

The important thing to remember is that you are on this course because you are ready to work with Spirit, your intuition tells you that now is the right time. All you have to do is trust in yourself and the rest will click into place.

All students who pass will receive a free gift, Certificate of accreditation, as well as continued support after the course. Students will also be able to obtain insurance with IPHM. 

Course Investment is £222. Includes a printed coloured manual that will be posted out to you before the course starts. 

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Sponsored By Meraki Events

Jessica May has teamed up with Meraki Events to bring you fun and informative spiritual online workshops. 

All workshop attendees will receive a certificate of attendance & some workshops include a free gift.

Workshops will run on a Sunday between the hours of 11am & 4pm. Dates to be added throughout the year.



How To Work With The Universe To Count Your Blessings

Our mental health and wellness is vitally important, yet over the past 2 years not one Government official has supported being healthy. The narrative has all been about fear and placing faith in pharmaceutical companies to get better. What about our mental health? Our spiritual wellness or fitness? 

This workshop brings focus to Jessica's new wellness journal 'Gratitude For Your Attitude' & assists you in getting the most not only from the journal, but the Universe too. When we change our mindset from fear to optimism, we start changing our perspectives and therefore begin to live more in the moment. This allows us to let go of anxiety and to instead focus on positivity. 

'Gratitude For Your Attitude' journal gives you thought provoking tasks, allowing time for introspection. Jessica is a mental health first aider and this workshop allows for a safe space to discuss our own insecurities & how to create a support plan for own individual needs. 

The workshop runs between 1pm & 4pm & includes meditation, self-checkups and upliftment throughout.

Workshop investment is £35. Attendees can choose either a free copy of Gratitude For Your Attitude, or a wellness box.

The Date for this is workshop is TBC

Spiritual Wellness Workshop.png


This workshop is for all the animal lovers out there. 

Jessica May will teach you all about animal chakras, auras, how they communicate feelings and much more. This is fun & uplifting workshop divided into two parts. The morning is the theory, the afternoon is the practical. Despite being over zoom, you will still get the opportunity to send and practice healing through the miles. Animals are very much able to 'know' when healing is being sent to them and so you will get to see first hand how this happens.

Mystic Minnie, Jessica's pawsome dog, will be joining you all and will become the teacher to this much loved workshop.

This workshop takes place 11am- 4pm with an hours lunch break from 1pm. 

The next date of this workshop is TBC

Workshop Investment is £45, includes printed booklet & certificate of attendance

Copy of Chakra Balancing Workshop.png


This is a beginners workshop for chakra healing.

During this informative workshop, you will learn the traditional names and meanings of the chakra system, how they can impact your day to day life, how to balance them & much more.

The day will also include meditation where you'll experience connecting to your own chakra system, so expect to be fairly relaxed by the end of the day. 

The workshop will be brought to you by Jessica May & Wintia Harrington & so expect this to be an uplifting & fun day via Zoom.

All attendees receive a workbook, certificate of attendance & a free gift.

The next date of this workshop is TBC.

The Workshop runs between 11am- 4pm, with an hour for lunch at 1pm.

Workshop Investment is £45



Pendulums, or dowsing, has been used for centuries. It is something that has fascinated humans for sometime. Spiritual people tend to use them to ask spirit questions, though their original purpose was to find water.

In this workshop, Jessica May & Wintia Harrington will enlighten you on using a pendulum safely and correctly, so that your answers can be accurate when in use. You will also learn how to use a pendulum board.

All attendees will receive a booklet, a free gift package worth over £30 & a certificate of attendance. 

Workshop investment is £45. This workshop will take place on a Sunday 11am-4pm, with an hour for lunch.

Next Date TBC